PDS Firm ProfilePDS is a joint venture of GR Parking Consulting Inc, and GAA Architects, Inc., established to provide service-oriented parking planning, functional design and project management. We are an Architectural firm comprised of highly reputable architects, parking planners, designers and technical staff committed to providing excellence in parking structure design. PDS provides a wide range of architectural services with a strong emphasis on architectural aesthetic integrity and design efficiency, while meeting demanding schedules and budgets.

PDS’s principals have performed specialized parking structure designs for private and public sectors including the following:


Educational Retail
Healthcare Hospitality

PDS’s President, Mr. Ruvalcaba, with over 22 years in the architectural field and 17 years in the design of parking structures will lead the team in providing the client with innovative, functional and cost effective design solutions. Mr. Ruvalcaba will oversee the architectural process from initial feasibility studies through final design and completion of the project. Mr. Williamson in conjunction with Mr. Ruvalcaba will be involved in the agency entitlements review process including, planning and city council review hearings, conditional use permits (CUP), environmental and any other city approvals as required. The design efforts will be in collaboration with Mr. Deitos and Mr. Ruvalcaba provide a balance of function, architectural and cost. This will include architectural facade design, exterior curtain walls, precast spandrels, elevator/stair cores, and architectural finishes.

PDS’s staff includes a diversity of talented designers, technical experts, and well-organized leaders that understand the client’s needs, allowing for creative practical and cost effective solutions for all projects. The staff involvement in various local, state, and government codes and continuous learning make them ready to meet the challenges of any parking structure project.